Welcome to the American Advanced Practice Network (American-APN) and ATC Consulting, Inc. survey. The survey should take less than five minutes. Your survey responses are strictly confidential and data from this research is reported only in aggregate. Your information remains confidential.

Twenty-two states have become Independent practice states providing APNs full authority, while many other states provide practice opportunities when the APN is associated with a physician. American-APN provides a business model for Nurse Practitioners seeking Independent Practice. ATC Consulting, Inc. works with Healthcare Leaders all across the US in helping them source and recruit Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants at a high level for their clinical needs.

We, American-APN and ATC Consulting, Inc., want to know how you practice today, your level of interest in independent practice, what your future goals are specific to independent practice, your interest in telehealth in an independent practice, and your greatest challenges in starting or maintaining an independent practice. You’ll be contributing to a nation-wide study on independent practice and have an opportunity to find out if independent practice is right for you.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

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