A National Network for Nurse Practitioners - Offering You the Clinical Independence You Want and the Business Services You Need!


  • A network of NP entrepreneurs – working together to build and grow our independent practices
  • A comprehensive set of business support services – allowing you to focus on care delivery
  • A platform for growth and development – whether you are just starting out, hitting your stride, or looking for the next business opportunity


American-APN is founded by a small group of successful NP practice owners who understand the challenges of establishing and growing an independent practice. Despite the many known benefits of owning your own practice, the fear and reality of failure is all too real. American-APN aims to help Nurse Practitioners achieve their full potential as an entrepreneur while protecting their clinical autonomy.


"As a network of NPs for NPs, we promise to support you on your journey to clinical independence, financial success and personal satisfaction, every step of the way."


We aim to provide our members with a one-stop shop of the business support and practice resources you need to achieve both financial independence and professional satisfaction.


Integrated, collaborative digital care delivery.


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Like-minded Community
  • Avoid isolation while pursuing your goals – whether they be to open a new practice, new service line or a new location
  • Participate in a network that supports the culture and spirit of nursing and patient-centered care
  • Share in your successes, and trade best practices with other NP entrepreneurs
Clinical Independence
  • Select your own care delivery and reimbursement model – including Direct Primary Care
  • Determine the patient population and geography you want to serve
  • Invest in and offer the services you want to provide
Improved Financial Returns
  • American-APN allows you to offer new services to your patient population, including tele-health, remote patient monitoring and more
  • Our integrated suite of services and proprietary technology platform frees up time – so you can see more patients while increasing business efficiency
  • Our transparent pricing model is focused on your financial performance – our success is your success – and involves no hidden fees even as you scale up


  • NPs like you are the key to addressing the nationwide shortage of primary care – and the healthcare community is finally realizing your importance
  • Full practice autonomy for NPs is slowly expanding across the country. Whether through full independent practice or a collaborative agreement, NPs like you now have greater opportunity to explore your full potential as a practice owner
  • COVID-19 has further underscored the disparities in care access, especially in rural and underserved areas, meaning better reimbursement could be on the horizon for NP-led practices

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