Welcome to the American-APN Associate Members information page. Many Nurse Practitioners are interested in independent practice but are often not ready to take on all the aspects of such a practice. Some NPs are just about ready to go into practice, while others don’t intend to be in independent practice and want the benefits of joining a larger practice. American-APN has an answer to all of these situations; we offer you an opportunity to join one of our Aggregate Practices as an Associate Member.

Aggregate Practices— These practices leverage the brand, the business model and the policies/procedures of the ownership, but consist of many NPs, each of whom may be at widely dispersed locations or even in different states and are quasi-independent with respect to operations in their own locales. The emphasis of the Aggregate Practice is usually a distinct business model associated with the branded practice. NPs participating in an Aggregate Practice model are quasi-independent in that they operate under contract with the owner(s) of the Aggregate Practice that they agree to join.

Associate Members—These practices are contracted by an Aggregate Practice.

To see if joining an Aggregate Practice is right for you, please take a few minutes to fill out this form. Once we receive your comments, we’ll contact you and get you started.