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CareSpan USA, Inc. Establishes a Screening-and-Response Program  Delivered by American Advanced Practice Network Nurse Practitioners

Screening Basics:
Note, this is a Screening program. If testing is required patients are provided further instructions from their clinician.

The S&R Program is for patients who believe they may have been exposed to the coronavirus or who may have symptoms of COVID-19. Clinically qualified, licensed nurses under the supervision of American-APN Nurse Practitioners execute the screening-and-response process using CareSpan’s cloud-based integrated digital care platform.

Patient Benefits:
The CareSpan platform’s unique attributes allows screening-and-response while minimizing disease exposure:

  • Concerned individuals may access the S&R Program from any place having an Internet connection, including at home or while traveling.
  • No exposure to others or by others occurs during initial screening-and-response.
  • A record is established for each participant.
  • Clinical recommendations are immediately forthcoming.
  • Educational materials and suggestions for home care, if indicated, are provided.
  • Testing referrals and clinic or hospital referrals can be arranged, if indicated.
  • Follow-up visits with clinical personnel are available when and as needed.
  • Uniform data acquisition allows analytics and population health reporting.
  • HIPAA compliance guarantees security, privacy and confidentiality of all communications and record-keeping.

If the clinician determines, after screening, that testing is required, the patient is referred to a testing site nearby.

 Scheduling and Cost:
Patients are directed to schedule a remote screening for COVID-19 by an American-APN member Nurse Practitioner.

There is a nominal charge for the Screening payable via credit card at the time of service.

If a patient requires additional treatment by the Nurse Practitioner, American-APN members accept many insurance plans as well as credit card payments.

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