In Cooperation With

CareSpan USA, Inc. Establishes a Screening-and-Response Program  Delivered by
American Advanced Practice Network
Nurse Practitioners

Screening Basics:
Note, this is a Screening program. If testing is required your clinician provides further instructions.

The S&R Program is for patients who believe they may have been exposed to the coronavirus or who may have symptoms of COVID-19. Clinically qualified, licensed nurses under the supervision of American-APN Nurse Practitioners execute the screening-and-response process using CareSpan’s cloud-based integrated digital care platform.

Patient Benefits:
The CareSpan platform’s unique attributes allows screening-and-response while minimizing disease exposure:

Concerned individuals may access the S&R Program from any place having an Internet connection, including at home or while traveling.

  • No exposure to others or by others occurs during initial screening-and-response.
  • A record is established for each participant.
  • Clinical recommendations are immediately forthcoming.
  • Educational materials and suggestions for home care, if indicated, are provided.
  • Testing referrals and clinic or hospital referrals can be arranged, if indicated.
  • Follow-up visits with clinical personnel are available when and as needed.
  • HIPAA compliance guarantees security, privacy and confidentiality of all communications and record-keeping.

If your clinician determines, after screening, that testing is required, you’ll be referred to a testing site near you.

Scheduling and Cost:
To schedule a remote screening for COVID-19, contact your American-APN member Nurse Practitioner that provided you this web page.

There is a nominal charge for the Screening payable via credit card at the time of service. If a patient requires additional treatment by the Nurse Practitioner, American-APN members accept many insurance plans as well as credit card payments.

CareSpan devised the S&R program to provide high-quality, thorough remote-patient screening to help reduce anxiety and exposure for patients, with the ability to get screened from the convenience and safety of their own home. This screening relieves the emergency rooms and protects our valuable healthcare workers.

American-APN and CareSpan refer to the CDC for guidance on personal protection, such as social distancing and hand washing, as well as managing stress and anxiety. Please refer to these sites for further information.